A verb that means “to thrash well” to damage something until it is unusable, to smash it to death. Thought to be derived from the French battre a fin.

This is our approach to the beauty industry. It needs to thrashed well and rebooted. What society has programmed us to think is beautiful or “normal” has become limiting, damaging and mindless. The art and creativity of self expression is an important part of self love and self esteem. We are living in a world where corporations are telling people how to feel about how they look. Our self esteem and mental health is being influenced by marketing agendas. We at Batty Fang wanted to create a space where  expression and creativity through personal self image would be celebrated. All races, genders, body types, orientations, hair and skin types can come to a Batty Fang salon and celebrate their true selves and be given encouragement and love to express themselves however they want.

Our team of stylists and designers are highly skilled and excited to work with you to design YOUR look. Our team members are trained in specialty hair  color, cut, style to help you achieve your most sought after looks, no matter how abstract. Additionally our specialty team service providers are skilled in custom nail art and design as well as, brow services, skin care and esthetician services, and make up to keep you happy from head to toe.